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At Eagle Transmission Shop Mansfield our motto is “The One To Trust.”  Thank you for visiting our web site!  At Eagle Transmission of Mansfield Texas , we offer a wide variety of services;

Eagle Transmission has been providing top notch transmission  & automotive service for more than 30 years.  Call or stop by and one of our expert service technicians will conduct a free external diagnostic test  and inspection to determine what repairs  may be needed.  

If you find yourself stranded we offer free towing*. Call us for details and we will set up a tow.  Eagle Transmission & Auto Shop of Mansfield is “The One to Trust!”



Transmission  Service & Repair

Automatic Transmissions in today’s cars & trucks require the use of specialized diagnostic electronics & tools. First and one of the most important step is to get a correct & thorough transmission diagnostic  performed. After Eagle Transmission has the proper diagnosis then we will be able to determine exactly what is needed to repair your car’s or truck’s  transmission. Eagle Transmissions  goal is to give our customers a thorough quality Transmission Repair at a reasonable  price. Should Eagle Transmission of Mansfield  determine that a rebuild is needed, each repair comes with a written warranty.  Eagle Transmission Mansfield wants to be the transmission shop that you prefer and refer.

Manual Transmission Repair & Clutch Replacement

Eagle Transmission Mansfield offers complete manual transmission service. Often  fluid in a manual transmission is  neglected. Fact is the gear oil does need to be replaced over time. Should your manual transmission need  to be rebuilt, Eagle Transmission of Mansfield Tx has qualified technicians to tear down, inspect and replace all worn parts that are needed to get your vehicle back on the road.

A transmission clutch assembly is a vital component of the manual transmission in your car or truck. This service will replace the clutch disc, pressure plate, throw out bearing, and resurface the flywheel. We service both rear wheel and front wheel drive vehicles. Eagle technicians will provide expert manual transmission repair & clutch replacement service.

Differential Gears Service

Our service consist of diagnostic inspection, repair or replacement of the damaged gears, bearings, seals, and axle inspection.  We also service front wheel drive vehicles. The  drive axles on a front wheel drive vehicle are commonly referred to as “CV axles”. CV axles are defined as constant  velocity axles. The axle boot is a common point of the failure which allows the lubricant to leak out. The cv joint then will make a loud crunching sound when it begins to wear out from a lack of lubricant. If you begin to hear any type of noise from the drive axles in your front or rear wheel drive vehicle,  Eagle Transmission Shop of Mansfield Tx will be glad to diagnose & repair the problem.

Transfer Case

The transfer case on you four wheel drive vehicle is located and attached to the back of the transmission. The transfer case allows power to be transmitted to both front and rear drive axles. Most modern transfer cases allow two wheel drive operation as well as 4×4 operation. Further many of today’s 4×4 vehicles engage automatically. A common failure is broken gears, input or output shafts and transfer chain. Eagle Transmission of  Mansfield Tx will inspect diagnose and repair your unit or replace the transfer case with a rebuilt transfer case. We are “The One to Trust”

Drive Shaft

Whether your vehicle needs a drive shaft shortened, balance, or new u-joints… Just bring it by. Eagle Transmission of Mansfield can repair your drive shaft, install universal joints or whatever is needed! Eagle Transmission of Mansfield can get the repair you need done.

Brakes & Brake Repair

From the hydraulic brake to the brake pedal, brake fluid, brake master cylinder to power brake booster, drum brakes to disc brakes also electronic anti-lock brake sensors, technicians at your local Eagle Transmission of  Mansfield Tx knows  your brake system inside and out

Transmission & Auto Faq’s

Q: My transmission appears to be overfilled. Will too much transmission fluid ruin a transmission?  

Q: My Transmission fluid is black. What should I do?

Q: What is the cost for transmission fluid & filter change?

Q: Typical cost of repairing a transmission?

Don’t trust your vehicle’s engine or transmission health to any mechanic. Let the Mansfield Eagle Transmission team ensure you get the correct repairs at the right price.

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